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System Requirements:Android 5+
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Picasso App Download: The Picasso App is an entertainment App Where you can watch thousands of Series, Movies, Live TV sports, and Anime. Many platforms, like Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, and others, provide entertainment content. Still, the problem is that they are paid, which means you have to pay to watch their content. So, for people who are financially poor and do not have extra money to buy their paid subscription, how can they watch entertainment content? Picasso App comes with the solution to this problem. Picasso app is free to use. All Movies, Series, anime, and Kdramas are free, so you have to download and install the app, and now you can watch all the content for free.

Picasso Apps Feature

As you know, the Picasso app is free, and the amazing thing about this app is that it includes many free features. These features make this app more unique and simple to use. Here are some of the best features in the following.

Friendly User Interface

When the first time user opens the Picasso App Download, he will see the unique and simple interface at the same time. In the first interface, you will see the Category option like Bollywood, Hollywood, Series, and LiveTV. You can select the category, and you will see all the content that you choose.

Picasso App Download
  • Different Languages
  • Quality Content
  • Offline Content
  • Ads Free
  • No Sign Up Required
  • Search Option
  • Change Result
  • R Rated Content
  • Subtitles
  • Content Ratings
  • Friendly User Interface

Content Ratings

All the content in the Picasso App is Rated by IMDB, Which allows the user to select which movie or Series he wants to watch. When you press on the category, the content appears, and you will see the images of the film or Series. In the corner of these images, you can see the ratings. IMDb is the most popular platform that rates movies, Series or other content, so when you have 8 or 9+ rating content to watch, it’s worth watching.

R Rated Content

Picasso App includes content for adults, So if your age is 17 or 18+, you can watch this content, but if your age is not suitable for R-rated, kindly avoid it because it includes some adult materials, harsh language, graphic violence and other content that is not suitable for kids.


The other amazing feature of this app is the Subtitles. Many people like to watch other country movies or Series like Kdramas and Anime are famous worldwide, so people in other countries can watch Kdramas or Anime with Subtitles. Watching content with subtitles and the natural voice of a character or actor makes it more realistic; thats why most people suggest watching anime or Kdramas with subtitles.

Quality Content

You can watch quality content in this app for free. Many series or movies are premium to watch or released on cinemas or platforms like Netflix or Amazon, where you have to pay to watch them. Still, in the Picasso app, all the quality content is free. Every person can manage this content for free.

Change Result

This feature helps you to watch content live with poor and good internet connections, which means you can change the results to 720p, 1080p, 480p, or 240p if your internet connection or strength is lacking. Select the result; otherwise, it will start loading in high quality, but if your internet connection is good, watch 1080p result or 4K as your device supports high quality. You can see everything in small details, making it more realistic.

Search Option

This feature or option helps you to find your favorite movies or Series in just a second. Go to the search option, write the name of the content you want to watch, and search for it. After a millisecond, you will see the Series or movie you are searching for now. Press the film or Series and watch.

Picasso App Download

Picasso App Download

  1. When you open this page, you will see the information about the Picasso app; scroll this page.
  2. When you scroll the page, you will see the “Download” middle in the middle; press this button.
  3. When you press the “Download” button, the page will quickly go to the downside of the page, and you will see the download button again.
  4. Press the download button again, and you will automatically moved to the next page.
  5. Also, this page has excellent information about the Picasso App, and you will see the final Download button. Press it.
  6. After pressing this button, the download will start in just a few milliseconds.

Picasso App Reviews




Picasso App is one of the best entertainment App. One of the amazing things about this app is that this is free so everyone can use this app with any premium subscription.


Extra Features

  • It’s different from other apps that need sign up and sign up to use their app. The Picasso app does not require any sign-in or sign-up for watch content. But if you want to save your watch list or other data, you can sign up by email, phone number or Google.
  • While watching content, you do not need to watch or skip ads. This app is ads free, so you do not need to worry about ads or ski pads after some time
  • You can download movies or Series ny just pressing the download button; after pressing the download button, the movie or Series starts downloading. After downloading, you can watch the Series without an internet connection. Go to the Picasso app and choose the offline mode, and then all the content you downloaded appears on the screen.
  • In the Picasso App, you can change the language if your country makes the Dub of the Series, anime, or Kdrama, so you can change the language and watch with a dub of your language. But many people like to watch in their real voice actors Dub, so you have to choose the subtitle options, and then it becomes easier and more realistic in their real language.

Picasso Apps


As I mentioned, You can watch every kind of Kdrama or Anime for free. Currently, anime are famous worldwide and have a fan base of 2.88 Billion. Some people watch anime in Sub, adn also, some so many people like to watch in Dub. So, you can watch anime in Sub or Dub in the Picasso app.


Also, there is the same case with Kdramas; some people prefer to watch Kdramas with Sub, and so many people say they cannot read and watch simultaneously, so they prefer to watch in Dub. It depends on the person n which type he likes, Sub or Dub, so in the Picasso app, you can use both options; if you are like Sub or if you are like Dub, you both can watch Series or movies in the Picasso app.

Netflix Series

Picasso app contains Netflix content without any subscription. So, if you do not have money to buy Netflix, you can choose the Picasso app so you can watch all the Netflix content accessible on the Picasso app in the English language. All the movies or Series that are popular these days will appear at the top of the Picasso app home interface. So you can also choose them. All the Series coming at the top of the app are time-worthy; you do not need to worry about that if it is time wasted. All the Series are time-worthy.

LiveTV Sports

Today, Cricket matches are so popular that most people like to watch games between countries. Still, if you have a TV or are at work most of the time, you can watch matches on mobile with the help of the Picasso app. You can watch sports in the Picasso app without any lag problem. user can watch Cricket, Hockey, and Football matches live in the Picasso App, and it depends on your network connection because watching live takes more internet. You do not need to worry about life if you have a good wifi or internet connection; it will run smoothly.


After the app, This app is time-worthy. Whenever you get free, you can choose the Picasso App to spend time on Because there are so many great features in it that we already discussed in the blog. Picasso app is very simple to use with a simple interface, so the beginner who doesn’t know a little about this app can use this app without any information. This app does not need any subscription, so you can use it for free. This app is made for people who like to watch entertainment content but do not have extra money to pay for other paid apps, so they can use this app for free. In the end, once you download this app, you will never regret it.

  • Free to use
  • Unique Interface
  • Good Quality
  • Simple to use
  • Live streaming

  • Slow loading
  • No Premium Subscription
  • Need fast internet
  • Crashed while using the App
  • Drain Battery


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