Picasso App

Picasso the free online streaming app is now available on the internet to watch thousands of movies, series, and sports. A window to the entertainment world.

What is the Picasso App?

Picasso is one of the biggest online streaming apps having thousands of movies and series. There are so many other streaming platforms but Picasso is famous because of its free content. Other online streaming apps are paid and users must have to buy their membership or subscription to watch their content but in the case of Picasso, everything is free even users can download the movies or series for free. Not only this also the TV channels, sports channels, and IPL matches stream for free. Picasso has thousands of channels and all are free none of the channels are paid.

Features of Picasso App

Download Option

The download option is the most useful in the Picasso app users can download the movie or series and can watch it whenever they are free or they do not have an internet connection. When a user downloads the content it can be watched while being offline. Downloading the file does not need any type of internet connection to watch it. Just open the app open the download section and watch your downloaded content.

Sports Channels

There are very less online streaming platforms that provide offers Sports channels to watch live cricket, football, cricket IPL matches, and World Cup matches. Picasso is one of the main streaming apps that includes free sports channels where users can watch live IPL World Cup and T20 Matches. Picasso has more than 20 Sports channels. All these channels have better quality and different streaming experiences.

Huge Content Library

Picasso app has a huge content library of thousands of movies and 10000+ series on the app. Not only this there are other TV channels available that are live on TV which means the live TV channels are available to stream. Sometimes users are not on the place of TV or in a situation to watch their favorite TV show. So user just needs to open the Picasso app go to the TV channel section press on the TV channel where the TV show is streaming and enjoy his TV show.

Ads Free

Picasso app is Ad-free but some advertisements sometimes appear but they don’t ruin the user streaming experience. It’s better than the other Streaming apps where Ad comes after 5 minutes again and again. In the Picasso app, you only have to face the Ad before starting the episode just, and sometimes ads appear when you start the next episode there are no irritating ads.

Friendly User Interface

Picasso App has a friendly user interface that is very simple and unique. People with less knowledge of the internet or technology of the mobile can easily download and use the Picasso app because it is not difficult to use this app. The developer of the Picasso app decided to make Picasso app so simple and unique, that when the user opens the app, icons of the movies and series start to appear on the screen.

Free to Use

Picasso app is free to use there is no type of subscription or membership. The developer of the Picasso app decided to make this app free for everyone so that poor people cannot buy premium memberships of other platforms for watching content. Picasso app has more than 10000 movies and 5000+ series and all of these movies and series are free. This is the best feature of the Picasso app.

Add to Favourite

This option helps the user to save their movie, series, and dramas to their favorite section in the Picasso app. This option helps when a user finds a series and wants to watch it but if the user has time then he can save it in the favorite section to watch later. Whenever a user is free and has time to enjoy watching his favorite movie or series user has to go to the favorite section and simply he can find the content that he saved for later watching,

High-Quality Content.

All the movies or series that are available on the Picasso app are high-quality movies or series. There are different types of qualities like 720p,1080p, or less quality 480p depending on the user’s internet connection. If the user has a bad internet connection then he has to avoid high-quality streaming like 1080p or more but if the user has a good internet connection so use 1080p high quality for a good streaming experience.

Safe App

Picasso app provides safety to its users. Picasso app has more than 100K downloaders and still has good reviews because of its security reasons. Users are safe while downloading or using this app there is no type of bug, virus, or malware in the app which makes the Picasso app more trustworthy or safe to use. All the downloading ways or downloading in the app are safe and secure so users don’t need to hesitate while using the Picasso app.

How to Download the Picasso App

downloading the Picasso app is very easy and simple, people with less knowledge can download the Picasso app very easily. There are some common steps that users have to follow to download. First of all, users have to browsers like Chrome, Mini, opera, etc search for the Picasso app download, and press the search button. Users will find so many websites about the Picasso app downloads, all of these websites are trusted to use. The best is to open this website where users can download the simple way to download.

if you want to download the Picasso app you have to open this website and you will see a download button. Press the download button and the page will automatically scroll. if you don’t have much knowledge about the Picasso app then read the article until you reach the next download button on the downside of the page. when you reach the next download button then press on it and the page will redirect to the next page.

On this page you will find the final download button, this is the final button and you are near to your Picasso app. When you press this download button automatically downloading will start. this app is small in size it can’t take time to download but if you have a low internet signal then it will take more than 1 minute to download. When you finally download the Picasso app you will find it in the download section of your browser.

How to Install Picasso App

Installing the Picasso app is easier and simpler than downloading it. You simply have to go to your mobile file manager if the file manager is not on your smartphone then go to the Play Store download the file manager and open it. when you open the file manager many files appear on the screen and you have to go to the download section of Chrome. then you will find the icon and name of the Picaso app that you have downloaded. now press on the icon and then you will see the install button on the downside of the screen

Press on the install button but in the case of unknown resources you have to go to the settings and allow all the permissions then go back to the same place. Now again press the install button and this time Picasso app will start installing. You have to wait for some seconds if you have a good-performance smartphone otherwise it will take some time to install. when it installs the open button appears where the install button appeared before, Go to the home screen and find where the Picasso app icon is, Now press the icon of the Picasso app and your free streaming app will start running,

How to use the Picasso App

To use the Picasso app user needs to understand some simple and important things. The first thing to understand is how to stream the movie and series. First of all, the user has to run(open) the app and select the movie or series wants to watch, the movies that appear on the front of the home screen of the Picasso app are the trending movies or series so they all are worth watching. Users don’t need to search for the best movies simply decide from the first page and start watching the series.

When you have selected the content you want to watch then select the language in which language you want to watch, the best language is the official language of the movie or series. but If you do not understand their language then select its alternative dub version and select the language then you can enjoy the show with understanding the language. and also while streaming on Picasso select the result of the content like 720p or 1080p that is best for you.


In conclusion, the final words are this app is incredibly amazing and is used for entertainment purposes. this app has all the important features that paid streaming apps have. no bug in this app ruins your streaming experience. everything is perfectly managed. this app is updated every month and uses more features that come with this update.