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Nowadays, cricket fans are growing, and cricket is also a top-trended sport played between countries. Most people worldwide like to watch cricket matches. The most popular events in crickets are IPL matches, World Cup, T20 World Cup, and Test matches that people want to watch.

Most people watch cricket matches on TV or LCD. There are sports channels on TV that live stream for free, but other tracks on TV are paid and provide high quality with smooth graphics. Rich people buy their paid channels and watch sports matches on it. Also, the option of watching in the Stadium is possible. Still, you must go to the Stadium and buy a costly Ticket. In that case, the best option is to watch these matches at home on TV.

But the problem is there are still people who need a TV at home, so the only option left is mobile; it’s hard to find a platform to watch IPL cricket matches because most of the famous media that live stream sports are paid. Users must have to buy a subscription. There are different types of subscriptions. Some are you can Watch sports only but in low quality, which is a bad experience in a cheap price subscription, and others buy a subscription at a high price with good quality streaming. In that casecase, users must pay for the stream so the poor and financially low people can enjoy their time and watch the IPL sports cricket matches.

The solution to this expensive paid subscription is “Picasso Live Sport.” The Picasso app provides free live streaming of over 20 high-quality live streaming channels where every user can watch all the sports, including Cricket, Football, Hockey, and baseball, for free in 720p and 1080P high-quality results.

  • Free Streaming
  • Live IPL Matches
  • No Ads
  • High Quality
  • User-Friendly
  • Simple To Use

Mobile users and those people who spend most of their time at the office and cannot take a break from work can enjoy their matches live on mobile. The Picasso app has no subscription, so people don’t worry about its performance. Picasso is the Alternative app of Pikashow. This is growing daily and making a great place on the internet because of its performance. Picasso app has many advantages and benefits, like users don’t need to worry about quality; every user with a good internet connection can watch Content at 1080P high quality.

How to Watch IPL Matches on Picasso

The developer of the Picasso app makes its interface so that every user with only low knowledge of the internet can use this app without any problem. There are a few things to understand in this app. If you want to watch an IPL match on Picasso, download the app and open it. Now you can see the simple interface; at the downside, you can see “LiveTV”.

Now you can see channels and the most popular matches like ( IND vs AUS) and other sports and news channels. Press on any track you want to watch, and the channel will start loading. And after the loading, the channel will start streaming, and now you can manage and enjoy your time.

Sports News Channel

If you are interested in Sports news, it is also the channel on the Picasso, where you can watch all the information about the World Cup, Test Series, and IPL matches. The news channel also tells about the shedule for all the sports matches. Picaso also provides free news channels to watch so you are up to date with today’s trends. Cricket matches are becoming popular these days. The only platform where you get news about this is the only News channel that talks in detail about every news. You can watch all the news for free on Picasso or Pikashow apk.

Picasso App Download


As everyone loves to watch IPL matches and other popular sports matches, users cannot find to watch these for free, and they buy the subscription from a third party. To avoid this, you can use the Picasso app, which has all the free Sports channels, free news channels, and thousands of high-quality movies and series with dubs of different languages. So, if you are a sports lover, then the Picasso App is the best option to stream for free,

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