Top Upcoming Series on Picasso 2024

Picasso App has thousands of series that all are free to stream, every year there are the series that become the top series of the year, exactly like this 2023 has some great series that become the most watched series of 2023. Now we are in 2024 and the series that was popular in 2023 gets their season 2 which is most awaited. In this article, we discussed some upcoming popular series that fans are excited about and also the new series that create hype by the trailer. Some people like to watch the series because of the actors and actresses they like and if they are in a movie or series so their fans get excited to see them one more time in another role. In this article, you will learn about some popular series that are upcoming on Picasso and you will get prepared and get free time to watch them.

Squid Game

Squid Game is one of the most popular series of 2023 and made a great position on the internet. Squid Game is a Netflix series that is available on other platforms like Picasso, pikashow, Cinema HD, and other websites. squid game made a special position on the internet that whenever someone needs to watch some entertaining squid game becomes the best option. This is a thriller, game series that revolves around a man with a low financial situation. he needs money to get financial freedom but there is no way to get money instantly. he sitting on the bench when suddenly well dressed man came and said to him let’s play a game if you lose I will slap you and if you win you will get money. he played the game and lost many times. Then this man gave a card to him and said to call this number if you want money.

Then he calls on this number and the next day when he woke up he saw so many other people in this big hall room where all the people wore the same clothes. So basically this is the island’s upper manager forcing them to play games and win millions of dollars otherwise if they lose they will be disqualified. this is the theme and little story about this series, millions of people already watched this amazing series every one must have to watch this series once also its second season will be in 2024. this is one of the most awaited series in the Picasso app.


One of the most popular series liked by young students and people because the story revolves around a young girl who gets the power to see the future and goes to a magic school where everyone has a special ability. The main character named wednesday who rude to everyone but finds a friend who really takes care of her, sometimes her friends get frustrated but he loves Jer from the heart. This series has a special place in fans’ hearts. This series first went crazy and made millions of dollars by streaming on multiple platforms and now season 2 is most awaited by fans. It’s possible to release this series in 2024 and also have a chance to release it in 2025 it’s not confirmed yet. If you are a young student you must watch this series that teaches you great lessons.

Stranger Things Season 5

Stranger Things is one of the best TV shows on the internet with millions of fans. This has a total of 5 seasons and 4 seasons have already been released this series makes millions, billions of dollars on the release of every season. It became one of the top highest rating shows because of its story line cast role play and design of the whole show. The story revolves around a group of schoolboys who found out about a girl with powers, one of the boys in this group started to like this girl, and they made their group face challenges, They are the villains in this show and the main villains of this show are Vecna who are in living in the upside-down world and send some monster type demogorgens to eat humans.

Season 5 of The Stranger Things will be the final season of this show and we have to see the final fight of this show that surely breaks the internet, the hype that created this show in fans’ hearts is on another level everyone waiting for the final release of this show. This show was officially released from Netflix but it’s available on some of the websites and platforms like Picasso. A great series with a great storyline and design must-watch series, if you still haven’t watched this series so go and watch it’s of course time-worthy.

Alice in BoarderLand

Alice in Boarder Land best show on the internet rose when its second season was released in 2020 but this time this show didn’t get too much attention in 2023 when its second season was released it started getting attention and so much people really thought this show was a masterpiece, so with this, so many YouTuber start talking about this show and it was really well all the reviews on this season was positive and people thought its storyline was so better than other show, so with this, it becomes one of the most rated shows in 2022 and still people waiting for the season 3. The creator announced that Season 3 will be released in 2025 or chances to release this show in last of the 2024 but still, there is no confirmed release date.


We provide the details about the series that will released in 2024 or in 2025 so our daily visitors or the people who use the Picasso app for entertainment purposes get to know more about the series so they can prepare themself and manage their time to watch these amazing upcoming shows. There are a total of 4 series in this article that were upcoming and have a great storyline with the highest rating so watching all of these series is time-worthy. You will never get bored while watching these movies or series.

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