As Picasso Apk is known as the best-streaming apk in t, in his article, we discussed some of the Series on the Picasso apk that everyone likes and have high ratings. You get help making your time worthwhile by watching these series. You can watch all of the following Series on Picasso apk for free.

Squid Game

Squid Game is the thriller season released in 2021. It gained popularity globally and became one of the most-watched series online. There are so many platforms that stream this excellent Series. People have difficulty finding the Series and watching it for free. So Picasso apk released this Series free on their platform. Millions of people watch the series “Squid Game” on the Picasso Apk for free and enjoy their time

Squid is a series that revolves around a boy who is poor and does not have money to live. These days, he meets with a person who challenges him to play. If he wins the game, he will give him 10 thousand dollars, but if he loses, he has to get a slap from the person. He played the game and lost all the time. Then he went home, and the next day, he woke up in Iceland and saw the other people and all the people wearing the same clothes. Then the light’s on, and the man on screen says that this is the world where you play games, and the players who win all the games will win the 456 million dollars, and, if he lost, then terminated.

So this is the plot of this Series that so many people from different countries watch and give a great rating to this apk. If you have free time and need some series that are so much fun, try this one.

Money Heist

Money Heist is a great financial series, as its name suggests, that was released in 2017. In 2022, this will be the most-watched Series and will get many awards. The amazing fact about this Series is that it was a flop when it was released. Its real name is “Lacasa de papel.” when it was released, it flopped, but Netflix raised this Series, changed its name from Lacasa de papel to Money heist, and gave money to the studio to make more seasons of this Series. After the second season, it started gaining popularity, and now this is the best Series on the world’s Top 10.

This series became so famous that the famous Brazilian player “Neymar JR” decided to get a role in Money Heist. In season 4, he got a minor role. Season 5 is the final season and has the most satisfying ending. The great plot and twist with the well-played roll of the actor made you watch this Series after the start. So if you are free and want to watch some action, go with this one you will never regret.

Alice in Boarder Land

Alice in border land is the masterpiece series of all time. Alice in Borderland has the same case as The Monety Heist; it was not popular when this series was released. Only some people watched this, but when season two was released, it became the most-watched Series on the internet.

People give a rating to this outstanding Series, and other users who like to watch the entertainment series also start watching it and give a raise to this Series.

Alice in Borderland series revolves around a boy who plays games on pc the whole day, and his father gets angry with him and gets off the pc while playing the game. He got irritated and went out with friends; he had three friends. They are standing at the mall and talking about life, then suddenly, his friend starts playing with him, and they go to the middle of the road. Then suddenly, they see fireworks start, and the police catch them. They start running and go to the mall’s bathroom. All the lights are off in the mall, and everything gets silent. They go out and see there are no people around there.

They start finding people, but they need someone to arrive. At night, they sit in the middle of the road and discuss what they will do next. After that, the light comes on the screen to tell the place’s location. They all go to the site, and they see some other people. Now, they have to play a game and get a visa for life.

With this, they played interesting games with so many twists and exciting turning points. If you are searching to watch some game shows of people, then this one is the best option.

Loki Season 2

As Marvel Studios make worth movies like Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America and others and after the Avenger End game, no one Marvel movies compare with this masterpiece, one of the most liked characters in Marvel Studio name”Loki”, the author decided to make a series on this character afterlife, When Loki season 1 appeared so many people avengers or marvel studios or the people who are the fan of loki watched this Series. Still, it was not as expected, so many people don’t like this.

With time, When Loki season 2 appeared in 2023, this Series got raised. The other people who like action or mystery movies watched this, and it was better than season 1. Now, this is also one of the most-watched Series in 2023. If you want to watch something delicious, try this one you will never forget.

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