Picasso VS Pikashow Apk Which is better? Download Picasso Apk

Picasso Apk

Picasso is a newly released app for watching TV series, Movies, IPL, Sports, Anime, and other entertainment content. Picasso app is an alternative version of Pikashow apk. Both apk Picasso app Pikashow made their own place on the internet and have millions of downloaders and active users. Picasso app launched with a new feature with a new, unique interface that was simple at the same time. The huge amount of content on the Picasso app made it useful, so everyone can watch their Favorite movies or TV shows on Picasso. The developers of the Picasso app decided to give all the premium content for free so that users with normal financial conditions can enjoy their free time. The friendly user interface makes this app more comfortable to use; in the opening interface, you can see that all the categories are perfectly managed. The Picasso app provides live streaming of high-quality new sports matches. Users can watch past matches that they forget or are busy during matches, so they cannot miss any matches of their favorite sports.

NamePicasso Apk
DownloadsMore than 100M
Size20 to 30 MB

Pikashow Apk

Pikashow apk is older than Picasso, which was released in 2021; in 2022, people started recognizing this app on the internet. In 2023, this app became famous, and thousands of people started using this app from all around the world and gave positive feedback to this app. Currently, pikas-how is the top free entertainment app in the world. Pikashow APK has almost the same features as Picasso APK, but because this app is older than Picasso, it has older features that people still like. Pikashow has almost all features free, like high quality, No ads, live streaming, etc. All the people who don’t want to buy a subscription to paid apps or do not want to pay can use the Pikashow app because all the content that is in the other apps is available on this app, so there is no need to buy any subscription or pay charges for watching the same content as Pikashow. There are some important guidelines before using this app.

NamePikaShow Apk
Size25 to 35 MB

Different Between Picasso and Pikashow APK

Picasso Apk

  • All the content in the Picasso app is free to watch. Even the premium resolution 1080p is free to watch, and IPL live matches are free to watch.
  • The simple, friendly user interface gives a nostalgic vibe because Pikashow and Picasso almost have the same interface, but because the app is an upgraded version of the Pikashow app, it looks a bit different from Pikashow.
  • Picasso app provides high-quality content as much as possible. All the new series or movies are uploaded on the Picasso app. Even the movies that are released on Cenimas users can watch them on the Picaso app for free.
  • The Picasso app focuses on protection for users so that no problem occurs with visitors who visit the website for download.
  • This app contains a huge variety of content where all the movies and series are available with high quality in different languages or dubbed. All the new movies and series are available on the Picasso app.
  • The Picasso app provides the official DubDub of the content so that users in different countries enjoy their country’s DubDub, and they also use subtitles if they want to watch content in the voice of official voice actors.

Pikashow Apk

  • The Pikashow app is the alternative version of Picasso, so there are so many similar features. If the Picasso app is free, then the Pikashow app is also free to download and watch content. Users don’t have to pay for using this apk.
  • The Pikashow app has a simple and unique interface. At the same time, the developers of the Pikashow app decided to make an interface that all the users could use this app.
  • Pikashow apk also focuses on quality; if any new series were released on the internet, the pikshow app must have this series in high quality and resolution in different languages.
  • Pikashow app also focuses on protection for users, so they make a protected website on Google so the user doesn’t face any problem in downloading and using the Pikashow app.
  • The Pikashow app focuses on both quality and quantity, so they upload the top released movies and series at the top interface of the app so the user doesn’t have difficulty finding newly released series.
  • In this app, the developer focuses on DubDub of content. They only provide the content that was dubbed officially so the user does not face any problems in using the Pikashow app and watching content.

Advantages of the Picasso App


Picasso is an app that was made for entertainment purpose so people who work hard and when they get free time they want to do some fun that make them fresh. Picasso is the best option to give rest to your body

Mind Fresh

when you get tired, your body needs some Rest or activity that makes your mind feel good. The Picasso app is a source of entertainment, so if you try Picasso to refresh your mind, it will surely help you.

Dopamine Detox

Whenever the human body gets tired, it needs Dopamine. The domain is the hormones; when these hormones are released, the human body feels good, and it is like a gift. When you feel happy, it is the cause of Dopamine, so with the Picasso app, when you watch a movie or series, your hormone states that your body feels happy, sad, emotional, and funny, so with this app, you get happy.

Disadvantages of the Picasso App

The Picasso app does not have any disadvantages, but there are some things that you have to focus on. In the following, there are some disadvantages that are not good for you, so take care of yourself.

Addictive content

As you know, we are attached to movies, series, or TV shows, which are good but limited, but always focus on it so that you do not get addicted to content that will affect your mental health.

High Internet connnection

This is not the dis advantage but the focus point that if you do not have any type of wifi connection, you have to be careful that you do not lose your internet data. In today’s internet is everywhere but expensive, so to watch content in the Picasso app, users must have an internet connection. Try to get a wifi connection; otherwise, set a limit on your internet.


In conclusion, Picasso and Pikashow are almost the same, but the huge difference between these apps is their version. Pikashow is the older one that makes its own great place on the internet. On the other hand, the Picasso app is the latest model or version of the Pikashow apk ad has the latest features, and it was made as the upgraded version of the Pikashow, so the things that were not in Pikashow are available in Picasso ask. So, in the end, Picasso and Pikashow are both good and useful apps in their own way.

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