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Picasso app is a live TV cricket app where users can watch live cricket matches without any subscription charges. Picasso app is free for all users. You can watch so many movies, series, web series, anime or other TV shows.

Picasso app is similar to the Pika show app; actually, they are the same but also have some differences. The Pika Show app also has Cricket Live, and they also provide good entertainment content, but because the Pika Show app is old and already has so many users, it crashes sometimes. While IPL matches, so many users watch live cricket at the same time on the Pika Show app, so it has so many chances of crashing, and it will need a good internet connection to watch, but in the Picasso app, it’s different.

Picasso app does not have many users who watch cricket matches, so when users watch the cricket matches on this app, it runs smoothly without any lag or loading issues. Picasso app is growing very fast, and so many users download this app on a daily basis because todays, the majority of people, including girls, watch cricket matches live.

People at home watch matches on television, but those people who dont have television at home can watch matches live on the Picasso app for free without any charges. Also, those people who were at work could not watch cricket matches. In this case, they have only one option to watch matches so that they can watch it on mobile with the Picasso app.

At this time, cricket matches are at the top, and millions of people watch matches daily but sometimes dont know about the cricket schedule or what match will be played at what time; if you have the Picasso app on your device, you will get notifications before matches, and users can able to adjust time with match and users did their all of the work before the match starts so they can watch match at a time.

Picasso Cricket App

Picasso app has all the cricket schedules where users can find out which matches play on what day if, with time, the matches like World Cup, Asia Cup, and T20. All the information about these matches is available on the Picasso app, so you must remember matches and their timing and be able to watch matches in future.

There is also a news channel that tells news about cricket matches and the performance of the cricketers. There are channels where you can see your favourite cricketer interview.

If you want to watch cricket matches for free, download the Picasso app by pressing the header section of the Picasso app download button.

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