Important Features Of The Picasso Apk

As Picasso APK is known as the best free streaming platform, some features make it more beneficial. In this article, we discuss some of the most important parts of Picasso APK that help users have the best streaming experience. Picasso APK is the same as the Pikashow APK, but because Picasso APK is the updated version of the Pikashow APK, it must have updated features that make it more unique to use. The following are essential elements that every user using the Picasso app must know.

Free Movies Download

In this internet era, there are so many platforms that provide free download services, where users with no money can download movies and series for free, and the Picasso app is one of those where you can download your favorite movie that you want to watch when you don’t have internet. So many people think Picasso APK is a live-streaming platform, not a download.

Premium Series Available

There are series only uploaded on premium platforms like Amazon, Netflix, and Disney, so the users must buy subscriptions to watch these series on their platforms. The other thing is you have to buy a forum subscription to watch and enjoy their series, but in Picasso APK, all the series uplowered on this platform are free.

Huge Collection of Entertainment

Picasso APK has more than 10 thousand movies and series; this is a huge amount of Content that a man cannot watch in their life. In this huge Content, so many famous and time-worthy series exist. You need to select the movie you watch, and the best way to select the series to watch is to see the rating at the corner of the movie or series pic. If the movies or series have more than 8 ratings, choose it for watching.

IMDB rating system

In this huge content library, you can decide which series or movies are best to watch. To solve this problem, a rating system is added so that you can select the movie or series you want by just seeing the rating. If the rating is more than 8.5, then it must be a good movie or series, and if it is less than 8, then it’s average, and if its rating is less than 7, then it is just normal if you have so much free time and can’t find any good series then you can choose this one.

Super High Quality

Picasso app is the platform where users love to watch movies or series, but the next thing that users must know is that other platforms do not provide the quality like the Picasso app, which means if you want to watch Content in high quality like 1080p, then you must need to buy this subscription packages, but int he picasso ask you don’t need that. Picasso app does not have a subscription system, which means users do not need a subscription to watch high-quality contenders and can equally watch for the same result.

Allow to Watch Live

This point has already been discussed in previous articles, but there are still so many people who need to learn that people can watch the live on the Picasso app as the cricket sports trend is going, and then the Picasso app streams all the matches. You need to go to the live section and see all the sports channels streaming the latest cricket matches, even the sports channels available where users can watch the news about their favorite sports.

Use Without Sign Up/Sign in

As you know, whenever you go to a new platform, they want to log your account into their platform, and then you have to use and watch the Content; in Picasso, the case is different. You do not need to do any sign-up or sign-in. The only thing you need is to download the app. You can use it without signing in. Sometimes, we need to know our email or ID password, so we cannot use this solution. The Picasso app does not even add the signup option, so you do not have to sign in or sign up.

Add Content to your favorite list

Sometimes, we want to watch the series but do not have time, so we want to save it for later, but how to keep it? The solution is there is a favorite list option in the Picasso APK. You must press the save button on the movie you want to watch later. Then, this item will be saved; you don’t need to search for it again to watch. Next time, whenever you need to watch, go to the Favorite Item section, and you will see the item you saved; now, you can watch this without searching or finding it.

Built-in Video Player

Picasso APK has a video player where videos run smoothly, and users can watch the Content on the app. Sometimes, other apps need a player to run the video, and it is difficult and irritating to do this, but in the case of Picasso, you don’t need to do this. Press on the movie or series you want to watch, and it will start running, and you can enjoy it.


Picasso APK has so many features that make it a helpful app. This app does not need the sports of the other app to run smoothly. This app has its place on the internet; one can compare it because it is good. In this article, we discussed the features of the Picasso app that are used fully, and every user who likes to watch movies or series must know all of these features. If this article helps you to learn more about Picasso apk th, thanks for reading. Come to our site whenever you want and download the Picasso app for free.

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