So in this internet era, everyone wants some entertainment in their lives. Watching movies or series with family or alone is one of the best options to remove boredom from life. Watching a movie gives you a great experience of action, romance, adventure, and thriller and you will get the motivation to work hard by watching the movie’s main character.

There are so many platforms on the internet that provide live streaming for movies or series. Some of the platforms provide free content and others provide paid content. The main difference between paid and free is quality and content. The websites or platforms that are paid provide high-quality content movies or series with some extra service of no ads, high quality, subtitles, etc. while on the other hand free platforms that are not paid to provide content are also good but there are some differences form the paid platforms.

There is no competition between Paid and free platforms both are good on their own but in this article, you will get to know how you can movies in 2024. in the following, we discuss some of the paid and free platforms and websites where you can movies or series.

Website and Apk to watch movies or series

There are so many ways to watch movies or series, you can movies or series on websites and also apps, both are good on their own both have their specialities and disadvantages. if you want to watch movies on a website then you need a good internet connection the open the site search movies facing ads and then finally you will get to watch the movie on the other hand if you choose to watch a movie or series in an app so the app will be installed in your device. it’s possible that watching a movie or series in the mobile app is better in some ways like you do not have to open any site again and again also you can save data in the app so when you are offline or in any case you do not have internet connection so you can watch the movies or series while offline. in the following, there are sites where you can easily watch movies or series and also there are some apps to watch entertainment content.

Katmovie HD

This is the site that provides thousands of free movies or series, a huge content library and the special thing about this website is that all the content that is available on this site is free.

Daily motion

Daily Motion is a site where you can stream the movie or series you want there are no charges to watch the content on this website.


This is a site with great content on Hollywood Bollywood and Lollywood, all the content on this site is free users do not have to pay for any streaming. there are some ads on this site so the users have to know how to use it.


This is the most popular website who have more than 1 lakh movies and great content of seasons, series, web series, and anime content. On this website you can download the movie or series you want then you watch it without the internet. Also if you do not want to download then try to watch online because also the streaming is available. On this website, you can download content with different quality types 1080p, 720p, and 480p as you want.

Picasso or Pikashow ( Free )

Picasso and Pikashow are almost the same the difference is a version of these two. This is the platform where users get free content for thousands of movies and series. The download method and all the important details of this platform are available on this website in another article so kindly visit the other article’s website to get more information about this platform.


Hi, tv is a platform who are mostly used by people who like to watch Kdramas or Korean series and movies, but there is also a great collection of Holly and Bollywood movies or series or other countries’ content with great quality including subtitles of every movie. There is also a dub if a different country is available so if you are not interested in watching content in subtitles then go and choose the dub. so this is the app that is available on the internet download from any website of hitv and enjoy content.


Bee TV is also a streaming platform to watch movies and series, this is the platform that is also free users do not need to buy any type of subscription go to their app search for content then watch this in high quality. if any problem occurs in the app try to contact their help centre.


this is the apk available on the internet download it from the official website of Hulu and watch the great content of new movies and old movies you are interested in. Hulu apk provides great comfort or a window to the new worlds of fantasy, action, romance, and horror. There is no type of restriction to downloading and watching all the countries people can use this app for free. if you want to download this app then go to the official website of Hulu where this app is available and all the information about this app is also available.

Nova TV

Nova tv is known as the best-streaming apk on the internet with thousands of series, this is an app that you can download from the official website of nova and also there are some third-party website available that provides the same apk but because they are not official so it better to download from the original site.

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