How to Download Picasso Or Pikashow APP for PC

Now run the Picasso and Pikashow app in PC or Tv, Two Simple method to watch all the Tv shows and series with picasso app. Picasso or Pikashow are online T.V. shows apps made for the Android user to watch entertainment content. With time, these apps are growing daily and Now there are majority of people want to download these apps on PC or TV.. But because of these apps are only available for Android users, people cannot download these apps on their PCs.

After reading this article you are able to download This app in your PC and can watch all the tv shows you want. So there are two methods to run Picasso/Pikashow apk in your pc. First method is “Screen Mirrioring” is simple and easy while second method is difficult and take time but proper method is second. Try method that you want, in which comforts you . So let’s begin

1:Screen Mirroring

The first method is “Screen Mirroring,” connecting your mobile to a PC through a software Cable and software name (Expo Scorpy). With the help of these, you can watch Picasso.Pikashow App on Pc Screen.

Open the software, connect your Device to your PC with the help of a cable, open the software, click add the I.P. address, and press the connect button. Your mobile Screen appears on the P.C. screen; now you can start streaming on the Picasso app on mobile and your same Screen playing on PC without delay. Use a Wi-Fi connection if you want to connect wire cables only sometimes. But if you do mirroring with Wi-Fi, you must have a good internet Wi-Fi connection. Other it will be delayed on the P.C. screen. You only have to connect with Fire for one time, then ip address is automatically saved in the software. Then next, you only have to communicate with the same Wi-Fi on your mobile and P.C.

Key Points

  • Download App EXPO-Scrcpy
  • Extract the app after download
  • Run the App
  • Connect Your device with wire
  • Press on the IP adress button App
  • Slect the button “Connect”
  • Screen mirroring will Start

2:Using LD Player

This method is for those who want to download the Picasso or Pikashow app in their P.C. with the help of this method, you can run the app in the P.C. whenever you want.

First, you must choose a player to run on PC; the best Player that Runs the Pikashow app in P.C. is “LD Player.” Download the software, then open it. All the mobile devices apks like Netflix, Amazon, and other games are available on the interface. Go to the search option, search for the Pikashow or Picasso app, and press the install button. Now, the app will start downloading and installing on your PC. After the introduction, you can run the app on a PC and watch T.V. shows or Series you want. Also if you want to download Picasso or Pikashow app for iOS (iphone) go and read article.

Key Points

  • Search for the LD player
  • Download and install the Player
  • Open LD Player
  • Search for the Picasso or Pikashow App
  • Press on download button
  • After download click on open button
  • Now you use this app in PC

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